Club Kidpreneur Foundation, the social enterprise that teaches kids how to start their own business, today announced it has continued its partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) as their Principal Technology Partner.

Together with Club Kidpreneur Foundation, HPE has invested in future entrepreneurs with a partnership that will connect HPE’s Australian workforce with a national network of 10,000 kidpreneurs and their schools, enabling the sharing of business knowledge and real-world experiences. After working together behind the scenes for the past year, the partnership is now poised to include volunteer employee involvement.

HPE South Pacific Managing Director Nick Wilson said a partnership with Club Kidpreneur is a natural fit for the company and one that he hopes will inspire both employees and kids alike.

“We are committed to fostering an innovative culture within HPE built on an entrepreneurial spirit and technical know-how. Our partnership with Club Kidpreneur enables us to contribute meaningfully to our community by empowering the next generation with these important skills,” said Wilson.

Club Kidpreneur Founder and patron Creel Price agreed the partnership will foster greater collaboration and relevant industry connections for kids and schools.

“Our vision is to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit in primary school kids nationwide, but we cannot do it alone. To have a company of HPE’s calibre on this mission with us is both exciting and humbling because it means we are doing something right,” he said.

“Fostering a culture of entrepreneurship in this country requires contribution and commitment from all levels of government, business and all stages of education. If we are to see systemic change, we need to start in the early education years – at primary school.”

The partnership will focus on HPE employees bringing industry-relevant experiences into the primary-school classroom and through unique Kidpreneur market days. For example, volunteers from HPE will speak to students about entrepreneurial topics such as sales, management and marketing, and how these apply in the real world.

“Engaged, experiential learning is a great way for kids to learn. Incorporating HPE staff into these experiences will only make it a richer experience for all involved,” said Price.