Do you have a Budding Kidpreneur on your hands? Club Kidpreneur has a range of programs designed to spark their entrepreneurial spirit and to inspire kids use the power of business to change the world.

Budding Business Brains

Budding Business Brains is a three hour workshop run in partnership with community groups and schools. Kidpreneurs learn business basics including how to create a business concept, name and logo, and design a product prototype. Each kidpreneur receives a Business in a Backpack full of business-building materials. They can then return to sell their products they have made at Market Day.

Kidpreneur Challenge

The Kidpreneur Challenge is a national primary school based competition showcasing Australia’s young entrepreneurs, aged 10-12 years. Kidpreneurs work in groups of 3 to build a business using a CK Business Kit in the classroom over term. They then sell products at a local market day and donate all profit to a charity of their choice. Each business can then submit a pitch video sharing why they are Australia’s top young entrepreneurs.

Quest for Kidpreneur Island

Club Kidpreneur’s Online Game allowing kids to learn the steps to starting their own real world business by journeying with characters Curtis, Harvey and Raglan on a Quest for Kidpreneur Island. Kids will learn business concepts through online games and apply this to their own business in the real world.
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